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Everyone is a leader to someone.

We drive to inspire people personally and professionally to ignite their inner leader.

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Sr. Project Manager

With influence comes the opportunity to align values and raise standards in all areas of life. People have innate strengths that are derivative of passions that can be accessed through positive influence, strategic development, self awareness, effective communication and empathy in order to bring fulfillment personally and professionally. My tactics revolve around peak performance, personal wellness involving emotional/mental health, fitness and nutrition, raising standards and morale, a value driven mentality, accountability, passion, strategy, and communication. 

Get to Know Jeremiah

Self Awareness

Jeremiah has dedicated his life to his own personal growth in order to overcome trials and pain from his past. He has learned value that only experience can give someone, and now he is dedicated to help others on their journey. The tools he implements are backed by scientific and proven results. He knows that in order to succeed the growth must begin within, and after this, we can accomplish all that we desire. "One must first master themselves, and then they can master the universe".  

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project management

As he would say, "time to get nerdy". Jeremiah has a passion for project management and the value it can bring not just to project managers, but into all areas of business and personal life. After all, life is the most important project you will ever undertake. The skills he has learned paint a bigger picture of how to run a successful operation whether it may be as a corporate leader, manager of a small team, organizing your personal life, or an entrepreneur with your own business. 


tapped potential

Within us all are innate strengths, but these also need to be developed in order to reach full potential. He has developed skills as a leader and on a personal level to help others tap into their true potential and develop skills into superpowers creatively, emotionally, and professionally. Jeremiah has spent many years witnessing others in pain due to a lack of career fulfillment and home and work life balance. He believes that we all can tap our strengths to be driven and fulfilled in all areas of life.  



Jeremiah's view is that leadership is an art and like any skill you must apply self-discipline and perseverance to become a little better every day. To level up your life and career to become the “leader” you are meant to be, you must be totally in touch with yourself.


Leadership competencies contribute to superior performance, expanding yourself and contributing to the betterment of the whole. He is dedicated to influence leaders to be in tune with their core values, what they wish to accomplish and the purpose behind it all, so they may pursue influence with enthusiasm, passion, and authenticity. Message below to contact us about expanding your leadership skills.


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My Mission

My mission is to help individuals understand and embrace their leadership potential to empower them to connect passion with purpose and create meaning and excitement in everything they do both personal and professional.

Everyone has a leader within them, and with proper mentoring/guidance, everyone can unleash that leader to become extremely powerful and impactful.

Jeremiah R. Hammon, Jr., PMP

What Executive Leaders Have to Say

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Michael A. K.

Quality Assurance Manager at Boeing Distribution Services Inc.

Jeremiah is an excellent and highly skilled leader, mentor, project manager and motivational coach. He not only embraces challenges at work but also in life situations. We need leaders that are skilled but ethical as well as emotionally grounded in life. I am very impressed by Jeremiah's drive, attitude and energy! He is a responsible leader that truly strives to be a better person and a trusted colleague.

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Jeremiah is one of the most driven, hard working individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. He is a rabid seeker of self improvement and success for the project he is working on. He routinely went above & beyond to "make it happen" on very challenging technical projects under tight schedules and stringent contract and quality requirements. He showed a strong aptitude to pull the team together and drive the project forward. I never once heard him say or act in any way along the "not my job" attitude so prevalent these days... he was willing to do whatever was necessary for the success of the project and the ultimate success of the company and Customer. I'd hire him again in a second, without any hesitation!

Stacy Raben

PMO Practice Lead at Encore Business Solutions

What We Offer


Full immersion masterminds, three hour masterminds, and opportunity for continual masterminds as a group for personal and professional growth. Contact us below for more information. 

Star Cluster

personal coaching

Jeremiah is available for one on one coaching involving self improvement, home/career, and he may consider guitar lessons if you are serious about becoming a shredder. If you are interested in raising your standards contact us below! Tell us a little bit about what your goals are!


ten day training

Beginning with virtual mastermind and followed by ten day application with workbook. The ten days is wrapped up with session to discuss. Contact us below to discuss this life changing training! 

Solar System

group coaching 

Available for corporate team coaching in raising standards and morale, peak performance, strategic management, and resourcefulness. Contact us below if you are interested in having Mr. Hammon raise your team's standards!


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What Executive Leaders Have to Say

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Simon Dekker

Principle Consultant at SMA, Inc.

Jeremiah Hammon is an excellent leader and communicator. His knowledge on project and program management is outstanding; his talents are oriented on the implementation and sustainment of policies and procedures to monitor and control government contracts, and commercial endeavors. Jeremiah is pragmatic and acts as a mentor to those in his charge. He is an up and coming, capable executive and it was a privilege to work with him during the implementation of EVMS compliance at his company. I offer my highest recommendation for Jeremiah on any opportunity coming his way.

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Warren Washburn

Commercial Nuclear Program Manager, Vigor Works

It is with great pleasure and confidence that I can testify to the character and diligence of Mr. Jeremiah Hammon. Jeremiah has been an outstanding team member and contributor to the success of our business unit. As Project Manager, his efforts have played a key factor in planning, execution, and control of contracts valued in excess of $50MM. He demonstrates leadership with high energy, commitment to maintaining candid communications, and a veracious drive to meet project goals and objectives. I consider him to be an indispensable asset to the effectiveness and performance of our program. 

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Matthew R.

Director of Project Controls

Jeremiah is an inspirational leader that drives results day in and day out. He is a catalyst for positive change as he continually pushes the organization in the right direction with continuous improvement and innovation.


He brought his background as a PMP to groom less experienced individuals to promote and drive best practices throughout the organization. Jeremiah brings high energy and forces accountability with his relentless work ethic. He takes on work and challenges over and above his job scope for the greater good.


On top of his Sr Project Manager role, he has headed up the effort to establish the System Description and standardize procedural documentation in our quest to become EVMS certified. He leads by example and genuinely strives to be better everyday. His positive nature and enthusiasm is infectious which will make him an asset to any organization. Please do not hesitate to reach out for further details regarding this special leader.

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Marsha Phillips

Supplier Manager at Boeing

Jeremiah is such a pleasure to work with! He maintains a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards any task that is offered to him. He is a true leader, as he leads with motivation, strength and determination!

Some Details on My Outlook


The same strategies that big corporations such as Google, Amazon and Apple use to operate at top performance can help anyone improve any aspect of their personal and professional lives.

The strategic management process starts with defining your mission, vision, and values. Why do I want to do this, and does it fit with who I am and who I want to be? You can then create well defined plans, develop tactics to align activities, and allocate necessary resources.


If you are looking to implement strategies and tactics to develop any area in your personal and/or professional life, contact us below.


raising standards

Your life directly reflects the standards that you have for yourself and for the people you surround yourself with. If at any point you feel you are not living up to your standards, you can raise them regardless of where you are at in life. It is all about your mindset, making a commitment and sticking to it.

The quality of our life is heavily impacted by the quality of the relationships that surround us. Surround yourself with people who are successful, forward-moving, positive, focused on producing results, and who support you and this will challenge you to be, do, and share more. 

Are you ready to create change that lasts? Raise your standards and change your life!

If you are looking for more information and/or personalized help in achieving your goals contact us below.  



Resourcefulness is the ability to quickly utilize resources at your disposal to find ways to overcome difficulties, to achieve our goals, and create desired outcomes.

The two categories being internal resources (emotions, energy, strength, will power, learning) and external (people, time, money, computers, cellphones).

My whole life has been based around mastering how to be resourceful within all circumstances. Fine tuning my emotional strength and psychological fitness have been the keys to my success.


Never let your resources be your limiting factor. You must think outside the box, and this my friends, requires you to be the master of resourcefulness.

If you are looking to improve your ability to access your resource center to grow in any area of your personal and/or professional life, contact us below.


peak performance

Peak Performance is a state in which the person performs to the maximum of their ability, whether it be professionally or personally. My tactics for maintaining peak performance involves three forces; mind, body, and fuel. Our emotions, perspectives, movements, posture, and dietary habits all have an impact on our energy levels, mental/emotional state, and performance. I have created a system that involves all aspects to maintain peak performance. Are you looking to level up your life by being a peak performer? Contact us for more! 


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What Peers Have to Say

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Sage Hartung

Production Control Planner / Scheduler ll at Vigor, LLC

It's great to work with someone so driven to learn and grow!  Not just as a Project Manager, but as a person as well.  I have had the pleasure of working with Jeremiah for over a year at Vigor Works.  He took on a challenging job and has been key in making it work. I have been the Production Scheduler for Vigor Works (Previously Oregon Iron Works, Inc.) for the past 14+ years.  I've enjoyed working with Jeremiah through the phases of project scheduling, from the planning through the execution.  When Jeremiah came on board he was new to our company's procedures and idiosyncrasies. He met the challenge of his job and has come out on the other side as one of the best Project Managers I have worked with.  He is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and is always keen to learn and utilize new methods to improve productivity.  He knows how to identify problems and break through to find solutions.  Jeremiah would be a true asset for any company looking for a fantastic Project Manager.

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Jeremiah was handed a position no one could handle. The employee turnover was causing stress on all employees, until he took on the challenge. Production and revenue increased. A team that was loosing hope, grew strong. I believe it was Jeremiah who led us. His confidence, enthusiasm for life, and drive to always improve is what sets him aside from people. Anyone should be honored to stand next to him in any position. I truly miss the times we worked together because no one has topped him.

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Allen Love

Owner/Designer AJL Enterprises, LLC.

I've worked side by side with Jeremiah for close to 5 years at American Equipment. In those 5 years he has shown excellent leadership, created a great teamwork environment, as well as excelled in customer satisfaction. Jeremiah has a hyperthymesia type memory, which was key in the high volume market. I have greatly enjoyed my time working with Jeremiah. He will be a great asset to any company.

Crysta Lindsay

Senior Support Specialist at Visa

Why Should You Even Listen to This Guy

I've lived much of my life in the trenches fighting battles that I recognize many others fighting as well. I have dedicated my life to understanding and appreciating the power of self-improvement. The power to be certain of who you are at any time and bring that confidence to any situation is the ultimate source of vitality.

My calling is not to keep climbing the corporate ladder and never was. My calling is to inspire, support, and help others find their climb. To pass along the tools for emotional and physical freedom and build a community of like-minded people empowered to take control and rise to a new level. Let our influence of positivity ripple across the waters of our reach.

I continuously witness the struggles of my friends, peers, and executives. It saddens me and fuels me to step up because I know what we are capable of, and we all deserve to be fulfilled.

It is never too late to change your life, make a better life, and live your purpose!

I want to help you cut years off trial and error with what I have learned the hard way. Through my drive for a better life, I have constructed a strategy both personally and professionally. If I had someone come to me all those years back and offered to shave years off my climb, I would have taken it in a second. I have taken my career from doing dishes and sweeping floors to managing successful multimillion dollar projects within steel manufacturing for aerospace, nuclear, civil, commercial and government projects where I have excelled as a known leader. I did this all through self education, hard work, and without a formal degree.

Honestly, I did not have a good start on life and have come much further than most expected. I am the underdog. I have not only pushed through professional hurdles, I have overcome mental and emotional pain that could have been my demise, if it were not for my drive to heal, excel, and contribute to a better world.

Join me in harnessing your true potential. Join me on the mission to cause ripples that the whole world will feel. 

Jeremiah R. Hammon, Jr., PMP