Jess Ulmer 

ASA Cadet

Working with atomic strong has been an amazing experience! Jeremiah and brooke are wonderful trainers who really customize the workouts to fit your individual needs. They helped me lose weight before my wedding, safely losing 15lbs in two and a half months! I’ve never felt stronger or healthier in my life and I’m really enjoying the work outs as well as the nutritional program.


John Wylie 

Online Avenger 

Highly recommend. Although I have been an active in fitness for most of my life, I have never been on a strict regimented strength program before until I started Jeremiah's 10 week Atomic Strength program + coaching. Being in the later half of my 30's I wondered if I would ever regain the strength and agility of my early 20's. I told him what my strength goals were and by week 5 of the program, I realized that I had not only matched my peak fitness of my early 20's but had surpassed my initial goals in almost every way (strength, physique, agility). Jeremiah was extremely thorough with the planning of my workouts and regularly called to check up on my progress and explain to me in detail every aspect of the program. He is also one of the most motivating individuals I've ever encountered in my life. I haven't felt this energetic in a loooooong time.

Mary Rae Martinez 

ASA Alumni

UPDATE: I've been with the Atomic Strength Academy for 8 months. As of December 14, 2019, I have lost 42 pounds, gained muscle and strength and found confidence. I am a 44 year old woman who now has the heart conditioning of a 25 year old. At the beginning of the program, I was struggling with hormone issues, acne and edema (swelling of the legs). Because of the Atomic Strong fitness and nutrition program, my hormone imbalances are under control for the first time in decades, I haven't had swelling in my legs since July and my skin has never looked so clear! I could not have done this without the guidance of Jeremiah and Brooke. Their attention to my program goals, coaching and fitness knowledge were what I needed to keep going. Now, I'm in it for me.





I started the Atomic Strength Academy online nutrition and fitness program on March 11, 2019. I had heard positive things about their onsite program but their online program was new.

I began the program with a two week fitness evaluation period, in which Jeremiah (the Program Coordinator/Coach) evaluated my mobility, fitness and strength so that he could customize a program for me based on my needs and goals. I took my measurements, wrote down my goals and jumped in head first.

At the same time, he sent me a 6 week Atomic Fuel challenge cookbook and success manual, along with weekly menus (diet plans) and a shopping list to correspond with the menus. I considered myself somewhat in shape and had a working knowledge of nutrition, however, after reading Jeremiah's success manual and daily inspiring emails, I learned I had a long way to go.

During the 6 week fitness and fuel challenge, I learned to cook nutritious, fast meals that my whole family loved (in fact, my fiance lost 13 pounds by just eating the Atomic Fuel food!).

I gained definition in my body (arms, abs and legs) and lost 45 pounds total. I have never felt stronger and he really challenged my ideas about health and fitness. I found myself doing things I had never done before and feeling stronger than ever. He monitored my heart rate through a heart rate monitor app and I always felt like I had a personal coach right there, even though the program was online. He and his coaching partner, Brooke, posted how-to videos of all the different workouts and he was available to ask questions and correct my form, if need be.

I did send videos to him of me performing certain workouts and he was honest and inspiring in his coaching. He made sure I understood everything I was doing and I never felt insecure about the workouts. Quotes like "leave one or two in the chamber!" made me feel like I wasn't the only one who huffed and puffed through a workout. :)

Bottom line: I was thrilled with my results and experience with the Atomic Strength Academy's online fitness and nutrition program. The after care planning has been incredible and I received another, longer cookbook with tons of recipes and pointers to help me in my long term maintenance goals.

At the end of the fitness program, I took an assessment to see how I had done and was excited to see my fitness and mobility improve from when I first started 8 weeks ago and I cannot wait to see what the next 6 months holds.

I highly recommend this program to people of any fitness level. Jeremiah and his team have all the knowledge, materials and aftercare programs to care for clients at any stage in their journey and I highly encourage people to try it, especially if they are tired of the yo-yo dieting and half-hearted exercise programs.


Leslie Pfau

ASA Cadet

Update! Since my original review post ten months ago, I have lost 50 pounds, some nagging joint pain and gained strength and renewed self-confidence. I also better understand how nutrition effects not only my body but my brain. I'm better equipped to handle life and all its possibilities! My recommendation stands! Jeremiah and Brooke are incredible and talented fitness professionals. 

Original Post 

I am newer to the program and have really been impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm I have received from Jeremiah. The holistic approach to my overall health and wellness have encouraged me to be more proactive about my goals.


I enjoy learning the science behind the results I am feeling already! I highly recommend Atomic Strength Academy!

Mike lindsey.jpg

Mike Lindsey 

Online Avenger 

I have embarked on a new journey to improve my health and wellness. I need to have hip replacement surgery but first I must lose 100 lbs. I would like to add an additional 60 lbs to that for a total weight loss of 160 lbs. Pretty daunting, yes. I have some lofty goals but I am very motivated, especially after seeing the results from the first 6 weeks.

Thanks to Jeremiah Hammon with Atomic Strength Academy, I have achieved the following in ONLY 42 days: are the numbers...
Weight down 38 lbs
Chest down 6 in
Small Waist down 7.5 in
Belly Button Waist down 6.5 in
Hips down 5 in
Thigh down 1.5 in
Arm UP .5 in BOOM! Lol
Total inches down 26 in

Most importantly, Jeremiah did not just provide a program, he EDUCATED me. He taught me about nutrition, portions and exercise. His passion and energy is contagious. You will burn calories just talking to him about nutrition and exercise. Lol I cannot recommend Jeremiah and ASA enough. Check him out at


Nikki Brown

ASA Alumni

So far in the past 11 months of working with Jeremiah Hammon of Atomic Strong I have lost 70 pounds.

After years of diets that never worked, I am finally losing weight the right way.

The energy and enthusiasm they bring to every session makes it one of the main reasons I look forward to each and every one. I love that every month training is changed enough to not be the same boring routine over and over.


Unlike other trainers/fitness classes I have been involved in, ASA does not just want me to set goals and meet them, they take my goals and make them theirs as well. While I have one or two "big" goals that my fitness journey is taking me to, I am encouraged to make small monthly goals that make it easier to keep the journey on track.


That is what sets Atomic Strong apart from other places. They will give you the personal attention you need to succeed in ALL of your goals.


That is why I can proudly say the "new" me was made in the ASA!


Emily Briggs

ASA Alumni

Love Jeremiah! He makes working out fun. His dedication to helping others achieve their goals is unparalleled! I highly recommend ASA!


Jennifer Eichenberger

ASA Cadet

I started the Atomic Strength Academy 5 weeks ago, and boy am I feeling the Atomic difference!

To truly understand where I am coming from, you have to understand a little bit about where I have been. When I was 20, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This wasn't, however, the magical turning point for me. 10 years passed before I managed to take the condition seriously with a new diagnosis of glucose toxicity, and irreparable damage around the corner.

Jeremiah has completely changed the game for me and my family! Through his diet and exercise programs, not only have we all increased our physical condition, we have also gained strength, lost inches, and are more educated about what good nutrition looks like.

I now strive for more than just losing weight, I want to go all in and live atomic strong.




Brooke Braga

ASA Alumni and Trainer Extraordinaire

Jeremiah is a great coach! He is really knowledgeable about proper form, structuring workouts for the best results, and making things fun at the same time. The last program I completed with him changed my fitness in ways I've never experienced. I am stronger than ever, have developed particular muscles more than ever, my recovery is more efficient., my energy levels are up, my body fat is down, and most importantly I feel great! His attention to details, building from the foundation, proper form, and compassion to help people make him stand out. ASA for life! #AtomicArmy


Will Eichenberger

ASA Cadet

The difference a few weeks can make with the right trainer is amazing. I am no longer out of breath walking down the street, I am not tired just standing on the max, and I am not fatigued as quickly in my daily activities. I feel more alert, eating MORE (not skipping meals), and people are already commenting on how much my body is changing. Jeremiah is a great coach, and I look forward to the next phase of training.


Bryce Bumgarner 

ASA Alumni

I found Atomic Strength Academy by chance. That chance has already changed my life. Working with Atomic Strength Academy has been a game changer. The programs I’ve been provided were designed specifically for my currently level of capabilities. 
I’m reminded of KungFu Panda when Master Shifu says to Po,
“There is now a level zero.”

I was beginner-beginner. I could not squat. I could not do a push up. I never used a kettlebell before.

This is not your typical one size fits all gym. Jeremiah is thoughtful and surgical in his assessments and planning. I am confident I can achieve my goals. This personalized and tailored training helped me incrementally improve to where I am today.


At first, I wanted to just be fit. Now I know I want to be stronger. I know now after a couple of months working with Atomic Strength Academy I’m already doing things I’ve never done before. I deadlifted 235lbs last week. I’ve done hundreds of pushups. I now know what a kettlebell clean, snatch, and swing are and how to execute them correctly.


I highly recommend Atomic Strength Academy to everyone. I believe Atomic Strength Academy can help those that struggle to get out of bed all the way to athletes that want to improve their game. I’m confident Jeremiah will have a program that will help you achieve your goals.

To explain more why I believe I started at level zero, I’d like to share a bit of my weight loss and fitness journey. I honestly believe if a lifelong overweight guy like me can do this than anyone can. You just need to take those first steps.

Summer of 2016 I weighed close to 295 lbs. I felt worse than I looked. My back gave out all the time and I had painful muscle spasms that were debilitating. I tried so many diets over the years and nothing worked. I felt like the gym wasn’t even a possibility because of how embarrassed I was of myself. 

My brother lost a lot of weight with the help of a naturopath in Salem. I figured if he could do it I could do it. So I focused on that. Over the next year and a half I was as low as 225lbs. At 6’4 that was a significant amount of fat loss. The largest I have ever experienced. 

Crash diets are impossible to maintain forever without dealing with my demons and addictions that got me to 295 in the first place. I knew I needed to incorporate activity with my diet. Who has time for that? I kept making excuses for myself. I am 37 year old father of 3. I am not lazy! I work full time! I clean, cook, yard work, and do all the dirty jobs required of a modern dad, from fixing the appliances to changing the stinkiest diapers. The little “me” time I had would go to playing a video game or something else that wasn’t active. The constant go go go of the daily routine was draining. How could I possibly do more? I knew that I couldn’t do it alone. 

Atomic Strength Academy gave me the structure and knowledge to make a real difference. I know now that I can do it and I will.