Atomic Strong Bodyweight Program Phase 1 


  • Movement without pain!
  • Muscle Tone!
  • Improve body composition!
  • Stay motivated with structure!
  • Prevent injury!
  • Increased energy!
  • Makes you strong!
  • Mind body awareness!
  • Improved cardiovascular health!
  • Workout with a purpose!
  • Improved flexibility, stability, and mobility!
  • Improve coordination and move with intention!
  • The happy and good for you drug called exercise :)


Sounds like it needs to be created in a lab huh? This is all from a bodyweight program! How awesome is that!


Our recipe is simple: First build strength of ligaments, tendons, and joints and improve flexibility and mobility in order to build overall strength, improve cardiovascular system, and burn fat. All is done progressively and safely. All with just your bodyweight!


Atomic Strong is for people who:


  • Are active or inactive
  • Are coming back from an injury or want to prevent injury
  • Want a program that maintains all physical attributes
  • Experienced athletes in need of a reset or foundational work
  • People of all ages. All moves can be modified for individual needs


Structure of Program


3-week online program delivered via PDF format:


  • How to videos embedded in PDF


  • Success Manual detailing out the method behind the program if you want to get nerdy on it with us!


  • Goal Setting Worksheet


  • 3 days a week full body Atomic Adaptation. Workouts are 40-45 minutes. 


  • 2 days of mobility/recovery sessions


Plus, we are throwing in the bonuses below!


  • Atomic Strong Home Mobility Assessmet! Detailed instructions with pictures for you to assess your balance, coordination, mobility and stability as well as (2) cardiovascular efficiency tests. This is vital to tracking your goals and progress. 


  • Atomic Strong Nutrition Guidelines! Simple and effective things you can do to improve your diet right now! This is how you maximize your results!


  • Atomic Strong Nutrition Tracker! Designed so you can keep track of your nutrition goals!


  • Atomic Strong Exercise Tracker! The key to success is having an effective strategy and a way to measure your progress. With our tracker you can track your workouts, reps, weight, and modifications to see your progression!


  • Atomic Strong Measurements Worksheet! It is not just about the scale! This way you won’t miss any of your non-scale victories and can track muscle growth!


  • Atomic Strong Dining Out Guilde! So you can stay on track when you are not at home! 


What a deal!!


You see we believe that as humans we are designed to MOVE because we have the power to build foundational and functional strength as well as improve the capacity of our bodies energy systems to PREVENT INJURY, INCREASE LONGEVITY, PROMOTE QUALITY OF LIFE, and make us FEEL GOOD!!


Atomic Strong is for people who want their freedom back!


Movement/Feeling Good = Freedom!


Not to mention the most important ingredient of all!


Your awesome, self-driven HORSEPOWER generated by your goals, dreams, and determination!


Do yourself a big favor because we all deserve to feel good! Click that link and get movin’ and groovin’ with Atomic Strong! Did we mention what a good deal this is!  


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Atomic Strong Foundation Bodyweight Program Phase 1

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