This is it! 


Go all in with the Atomic Fuel 6-Week Motivated For Life Challenge! 


  • Lose weight
  • Gain strength and muscle tone
  • Get to the source of what has been keeping you back
  • Learn important mindset tools to keep you motivated
  • Learn healthy and sustainable habits with your family 
  • Cook healthy and tasty food 


  • Get step by step guided meal plans, print and go grocery lists, full recipe manual, nutrition education, Atomic Fuel Mindset Toolkit, success manual, preperation manual,  bonus workouts, and healthy habit forming emails sent daily for the entire 42 days!


  • Our Atomic Fuel system is designed to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We coach you through the process and you develop the skills through your own efforts for a lifetime of healthy habits.


  • Phase 1 targets the source of one’s unhealthy relationship with food that is keeping them back from desired self. We use a combination of interactive mindset tools, habit forming exercises, daily practice cooking healthy meals with our full recipe manual, proper hand proportioning guidelines, fitness to maximize results and overall health, as well as a comprehensive education on nutrition.

  • Our Phase 1 is for anyone who wishes to lose weight, needs a nutrition education, habit-forming skills, mindset and emotional tools, and accessing the core cause of unhealthy lifestyle. Phase 1 can also be useful for someone who is technically in shape but needs a healthier relationship with food.


See below for full details!

  • 6- Full Weeks of Atomic Fuel Meal Guides: Done-for-you meal plans. CREATED by a CERTIFIED Precision Nutrition Coach - ​A coaching program that has been tested on over 100,000 clients and peer-reviewed in three scientific publications!


  • 6 Weekly Atomic Fuel PRINT & GO GROCERY LISTS: Each week will come with a complete grocery list!

  • Over 60 Delicious & Easy to Make Recipes: Complete Recipe Manual filled with whole foods based, incredible recipes like The World's Best Turkey Chili, Chicken Sausage & Peppers, Pesto Topped Halibut, Sweet Chili Chicken Meatballs, Cinnamon-Chia Blueberry Smoothie and more! Food is so good!


  • Whole foods family friendly! Teach the kids healthy habits as you work on yours! Even the pickiest of partners and kids have been known to love the food! Partners losing weight and kids learning healthy habits as a healthy by-product!


  • Good for all ages! The plan is full of healthy veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds, and proteins. Portions and foods can be tailored for particular nutrition needs. The emphasis on movement, a healthy relationship with food, maintaining healthy weight, and meals full of nutrient dense foods can help us all as we age. Leading to healthy lifestyles at any age! 


  • Atomic Fuel Mindset Toolkit: 9 breakthrough mindset tools that come with interactive exercises to help you identify and eliminate mental and emotional obstacles that are keeping you back. You see we believe the mind is primary and our first form of fuel! These exercises bring awareness and action to the source of unhealthy relationships with food and ourselves, while giving us strategies to bridge the gap between who we are now and who we want to be. So you can LEAP into the new you!


  • Daily Healthy Habit-Forming Emails: Our health is determined by our habits. Our daily emails set you up to form healthy habits by building them throughout the 6 weeks.


  • Access to our private Atomic Strong Facebook Community where you can ask questions, share your story, and be part of the community to help support you and keep you motivated! This also gives you direct access to your coaches!

  • Your "Dining Out" Swap Guide: This will give you the tools needed to be successful when you go out to eat! This dining out swap guide will show you how to turn any restaurant menu item into a delicious, healthy, and challenge-friendly alternative.


  • Atomic Fuel Measurement Doc: Measurement worksheets so you can quickly and easily track your results.​


Plus you'll find: 

  • Portioning Guidelines 
  • Preperation Manual 
  • Success manual 
  • Nutrition Education

Bonus Alert!

  • 6- Weeks of Daily Body-Weight Workouts tailorable for all levels that you can do anywhere. Created by a Certified CPPS, Bioforce, World Thai Boxing Association, and Precision Nutrition coach! Full 6-Weeks consisting of 5 workouts a week based on foundational strength, fundamental movements, core, mobility and cardio kick boxing. A recovery based program designed to combat stress and inflammation in the body. Super fun workouts!

Thank you and can't wait to have you join our Challenge!


Brooke & Jeremiah 

Rock on Atomic Strong!! 


6-Week Atomic Fuel Motivated For Life Challenge