Why do people love Muay Thai Boxing for fitness and fat loss?

Why do people love Muay Thai Boxing for fitness? Well, the answer is pretty straight forward- nothing burns fat and builds a physique that is lean, muscular, and cardiovascular efficient like MTB. This is all done by focusing on core, lower body strength, conditioning as well as body weight protocols.

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is commonly referred to as the Art of Eight Limbs due to its utilization of eight striking weapons: hands, elbows, shins and knees. Muay Thai also features a unique form of standing grappling called the plum and/or clinch.

Interest in the art of Muay Thai is rapidly growing worldwide due to its practical application as a method of self-defense, the physical conditioning involved with Muay Thai training, the devastating effectiveness as an element of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and the excitement of the sport itself.



MTB works the entire core due to all the rotational and repetitive movements that activate all the muscles performing strikes, defensive movements, clinching, and conditioning exercises. All of these contribute to a strong and high-performing core that will strengthen your abdominals, erecter spinae (muscles that protect the spine) as well as the hip flexors.

Leg Strength

Almost every muscle in your lower body can be improved when performing different kicks and footwork drills.  Muscle endurance will be increased due to all the leg drills, as well as over all force production, agility, and footwork.

Cardiovacular Efficiency

MTB will turbo-charge your metabolism with Muay Thai bag rounds,  MMA Circuits and Power training. You need a good amount of conditioning to go the 3-5 rounds without tiring.

Stress Relief-

This goes without saying. Who doesn't like to punch, kick and elbow things while burning mass amounts of fat and building aerobic capacity? The majority of us build up a decent amount of stress throughout the day. Having an outlet to release stress is a must to keep us sane as we push through the daily grind.

In Summary -

Muay Thai is a fat burning, self-defense system, that is a fun and relatively easy to learn. Anyone can do it and find the results there looking for with the right attitude, nutrition and hard work.

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