Safety Alert

ALERT: Read below and spread the word. One of these scam artists tried to lure someone very close to me out of their work to do them harm.

The ASA will be hosting a series of self-defense classes in April. I'm putting together the curriculum as we speak and will post the schedule. If weather permits we will do this at a park and draw in the masses.

Protect yourself and community- spread the word!

PHONE SCAM WARNING!! Individuals calling businesses, homes, and cell numbers claiming to be law enforcement. They may refer to themselves as “Lieutenant”, “Officer”, “Sergeant”, and etc… They may give a fake badge number. They are well spoken and manipulative. They will sound official, professional, and they use detailed information. May have personal information already about individuals they are calling. They may tell you that you have a loved one in jail, that you have unpaid fines, missed jury duty, have a warrant out, or that you missed a court date. The caller ID may have the scam number listed as Multnomah County Sheriff’s or other law enforcement agency, and they may have the actual voicemail for agency. They are not just trying to have people wire money. They are trying to lure people to addresses they claim are the police department. What to do?

Write down all information they give you and call the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department or your local police department. Explain the situation and give all info. Do not engage. Spread the word so others are aware. Below are some direct numbers for Multnomah County Sheriff and a hot line that has been set up. Office 503-988-4300 File police report @ 503-823-3333 Automated system to file complaint 503-988-0560 Stay Safe! 

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