I think we've found the secret sauce 

The new year is here. Well. Even bigger, a NEW decade! What did you do last year? What did you do in the last 10 years? Have you checked all the boxes? Take a moment and reflect. Think about all you have done in the last 10 years and what you would like to accomplish in the next 10. Then pick one of those goals and do something right now to get the ball rolling. All it takes is a small action to get an incredible amount of momentum started. I have a client that does this by month. She identifies her goals for the year. Then identifies what month in the year she would like to prioritize them, and then takes MASSIVE ACTION by committing to those dates. If it's a marathon. She signs up. A vacation, purchases those tickets. Whatever it is, she identifies, prioritize, then solidifies them so she doesn't miss out on life and can hit all goals in a manageable way. And let me tell you something, she lives fully, absolutely fulfilled! And that's the secret sauce to a happy life. Fulfillment. So.. now you have a road map. Get out there and do it. Let us know what you came up with 🎵💃🕺🤳👨‍💻🎵 Jeremiah Hammon Atomicstrong.com Ps. If you are looking for an incredible program that you can do at home. Give us a jingle. We are launching the online strength academy this month. We have an incredible 6 week Nutrition Challenge as well as our online Atomic Strong phase 1 fitness extravaganza. These are for people who are serious about their fitness and want results. Our programs work! They are kid tested and mother approved. https://www.atomicstrong.com/atomicstrengthacademy2020 If you want to train with us in person, https://www.atomicstrong.com/atomicstrong2020 It's a blast!!

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