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Ladies and Gentlman- Hello 2018 and all the goals we are setting and new habits good or bad (lets focus more on the good, aye 🤗) we will be forming this year. Diet and exercise always seem to be the one thing that everyone is like, " it's the new year, I'm going to eat better and exercise the holidays off." For many this lasts for a few weeks and then the new year feeling wears off and the good ole fuckery fairy shows spreading fuckery dust on everything and BAM, goals are not met and you realize you have been paying some gym $$$ and went only 6 times in 3 months. And then you look down and go, "OMG! I've gained 15 pounds and I'm three cookies away from a sugar overdose!"

In walks Mr and Mrs Crash Diet. They are not to distant relitives of the Fuckery fairies. They come in stressing you out, starving you, making all things exciting suck! The sad part is mentally this makes us all feel better. WHY? Well, because we lost some weight, visual acceptance. But, physically we are drained, sick, constipated and freakin hungry.

We need to  stop the madness and kick the crash diet clan out of our lives for good!!! A lot of these diets are doing more harm than good and well, let's face it, a majority of the people gain the weight back within a few weeks. Research has proven it actually slows your metabolism which can lead to future weight gain once you unleash the inner food beast who has been lying dormant, STARVED, and raids the fridge devouring all things food and a few things questionable. It deprives your body of nutrients, in most cases causes dehydration (dehydration is a whole seperate topic) and can even break down the immune system increasing chances of sickness. I'll go over this more in my nutrition plans as well as cite credible sources.

Losing weight and dieting does not have to be this way. In fact, eating food needs to be fun and exciting. It freaking defines us people. It tells our story, who we are, where we have been, and even where we are going! Crash diets tell the story of a person who has lost control in some form or another and ended up 40 pounds overweight and wants/needs to change and it has to be now. We are human hear us roar 🦁-" I want it now, no matter the cost!"  Forget that! Think about all the stress be forced upon the body! We only get one, take of it.

So- over the next few weeks, months, hell maybe years,  I am going to go over some awesome eating tips and tricks people can use to help change their mindset, create new habits and make eating a journey with a destination that does not lead to being 40 pounds overweight and starving themselves for whatever reason. I will also dive into exercising made simple to accompany a solid diet and help you reach your goals and maintain them long term, while staying healthy with minimal Fuckery!

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