Do you feel you can protect yourself or loved ones from an attack?

A common question I get is “How can I possibly have the element of surprise working for me if I am the one being attacked? The attacker is holding all the cards. They are the ones initiating the attack?”

This is a good question. The answer is simple, train! Everyone (women, children, and men) need to train in some sort of self-defense art just in case. You never know when and where someone is going to try to do you harm.

Be prepared to surprise the attacker by reacting in a way that will harm them and protect you and your loved ones.

The attacker is expecting everyone to follow a role. In their mind they are in charge and are going to set the pace. Victims are supposed to be confused, uncertain, and do as told out of fear of injury. I am going to give you some general guidelines to think about to give you a better Idea of what you'll need to know and what to do in any situation.

#1 Go with your gut, trust your instincts

How many time have you had the hair on the back of your neck stand up after meeting someone and/or even crossing paths? Go with you instinct, maintain situation awareness. Stay ready.

Things you can do:

• If you carry a taser, prepare it • If you carry bear spray/mace, prepare it • Make a phone call to any one letting them know your location • Get to a populated area

#2 React Immediately

If the unexpected does happen by surprise and/or your gut instinct on a situation came to fruition you must react immediately! You may not have any of the weapons in guideline one.

• Give them your wallet or purse and tell them to go away • If sexual run for it. You must remove yourself from the situation using whatever force you can • This is where your training will come in handy

#3 Never go to another location

This is the most important of them all. We all know what happens if someone is relocated from one place to another.

Another location is defined as:

• Being tied, period • Being removed from a lobby to a back room during a robbery • Being drug into a car or put in a trunk • Being blindfolded


Resistance may get you hurt, statistically you have a better chance of survival.

The right kind of training can save your life. Life is the most precious thing we have and we should do everything in our power to preserve it.

Every day you should strive to make yourself 1% better than yesterday. Shift your behaviors and habits. Be a better you. New habits shall be what supports the 1% daily change. This needs to be thought out and a strategic plan created. Ask the question- " am I where I want to be with my health and what can I do daily to reach these goals?"

We are setting up a self- defense work shop starting in January. Open enrollment will be up soon.

There is limited space, so keep your eyes out for the post.

Till next time,


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