Day to Day Warriors Unite!! 

Hello Warriors - Practicing anything for 10 minutes a day can lead to long term success. I mean ANYTHING! For the next two weeks I would like you to create a 10-minute action you can commit to everyday. Ideas- • 10 minutes of mobility/SMR • 10 minutes run/walk/row/ride • Do bodyweight strength exercises for 10 minutes ( squats, pushups, lunges, dips, plank x2.) • 10 minutes of meditation or prayer • 10 minutes of Yoga This doesn't have to only be a fitness goal: • Read 10 minute every night before bed • 10 minutes a day building rapport with someone new • Make your dinner last 10 minutes longer than normal by chewing slower • 10 minutes of Guitar scales • 10 minutes of Vocal warm ups • 10 minutes of daily goal setting You get the point. Focusing on implementing new daily habits into your life is a much more sustainable approach. We don't have to change all our habits all at once, just one thing at a time. So- what is your 10 minute action going to be? Mine will be pracricing Guitar scales :) Post comments at Like this and share with your friends. J-

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