Atomic Fuel ⚛ Chicken Bacon Avocado and Tomato Lettuce Boats

Yeah... I like to stick my cravings into a piece of lettuce! And forget about it!🥑

Simple, quick and satisfying🍅

🐓Grilled Chicken 🥓Bacon 🍅Tomatoes 🥑Avocados 🚣Lettuce of choice ( except iceberg)

Portion out protein. One palm ladies. Two palms dudes. And build the boat to tasty island.🚣🏝

Can make a Greek yogurt spread with siracha, mustard, or seasonings to replace your itch to smother boat in mayo.

I know what you are thinking😉Put the bread and mayo down. Just give it a try!🖤🍅🖤 

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