Threshhold training for Martial Artists:

This method is key for improving aerobic power. If one has a higher level of aerobic power the longer they can perform utilizing the Oxidative Energy System rather than switching to the the Glycolytic Energy System causing them to fatigue faster or even gassing out.

🙈WTF you say?

There are still critics that will say that even if you raise your aerobic power it's still not "powerful" enough to win fights and that lactate training is king 🏋. This is very untrue and given the amount of quality knowledge out there, the following should be common knowledge.

If you raise your biological power 🤸 you raise the anaerobic threshold level as well. Doing so means a higher % of the energy you produce will come from the Aerobic System.. Delaying the Anaerobic System from taking over is the key to better conditioning as well as endurance in the rounds that count. Gassing out 😧does not win fights. 🏆🥇🥊🥋🤼

Please note: I'm not saying you don't need lactate power or training as a fighter. I'm saying we need to be better conditioned to delay it and still produce ass kicking power so we don't gas out and win!

Today's training was specifically geared toward this style of training.

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