Did you know that 80% of New Year's resolutions fail by February! Let's change that! Join the Atomic Strong 21 Days of Fitmas and start now! 

Meet Mary!


" I've been with Atomic Strong for 8 months. As of December 14, 2019, I have lost 42 pounds, gained muscle and strength and found confidence. I am a 44 year old woman who now has the heart conditioning of a 25 year old. 

Because of the Atomic Strong fitness and nutrition program, my hormone imbalances are under control for the first time in decades, I haven't had swelling in my legs since July and my skin has never looked so clear! "  

Feel energized!

Lose weight!

Maintain motivation with a community!

Learn healthy habits! 

Learn mindset tools!

Cook some delicious and healthy food!

All in between the holidays! 

Don't wait for New Year's!

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21 Days of Fitmas! Just $37! 

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Meet Bob!


" I started with Jeremiah in January 2019 and I'm now down 35 pounds and in way better shape. The workouts are fun and challenging but they also monitor you to make sure you don't hurt yourself. The workouts are also able to be setup for anybody of any skill or fitness levels so don't be afraid to come in no matter where you're at. "

Special Limited Time Offer!

21 Days of Fitmas! Just $37! 

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We know a lot of people are overwhelmed right now! So we are going to make this really easy on you!

No calorie or macro counting. No super restrictive dieting!

All materials are in one place online in Thinkific portal! Strategy and organization is built into the program by a Senior Project Manager.

Workouts are three times a week. With two recovery days in between (optional for those that want to concentrate on recovery).


Workouts are 30 - 45 minutes! Good for beginners (even just off the couch) to more active because weights can be adjusted. Workouts have video links for instructions and follow along warm ups!

We are supplying our Atomic Strong Nutrition Guidelines. Our guidelines are actually healthy habits so you learn how to build a new lifestyle.

No restrictive dieting. Based on super effective and easy hand portioning.

For cooking inspiration we are giving you a choice of our High Protein, Vegetarian, Vegan, or Low Carb Fuel Pack! Over 40 tasty, easy, and healthy recipes!

Look we know things have been tough for a lot of people! We also know that movement, healthy habits, positive mindset, and healthy food have the potential to make you feel better! 

This is our way to help people feel better!

We also know that 21 days is not much time, but you can see results in just one week!

The point is that you are motivated and inspired, feel energized, and positive about what is to come! 



Plus! We are throwing in a bonus week 4 of workouts for those who want to keep going!

Meet Leslie! 

Les B.jpg
LES A.jpg

 I have lost 50 pounds, some nagging joint pain and gained strength and renewed self-confidence. I also better understand how nutrition affects not only my body but my brain. I'm better equipped to handle life and all its possibilities! My recommendation stands! Jeremiah and Brooke are incredible and talented fitness professionals. "

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21 Days of Fitmas! Just $37! 

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Who out there has broken a New Year's Resolution! Raise your hand (my hand is up :)! 


​You want to know why resolutions usually fail! 

Not knowing your why! We can know what all day, but we need the why for the drive! 

Our programs work on finding and magnifying your why! Have you done our Atomic Strong 5 Whys Exercise yet?

Treating your goals like a sprint instead of a marathon. Let's face it, most goals need time and do not happen overnight. What happens when we start sprinting for a marathon? We burn out! Life is not a sprint! It is a journey!

Lack of support! We call this your Sphere of Control and it is vital to know what you can control and how to ask for support. We also have a private Facebook community so you will always have support.


You don't have measurable goals and ways to track your progress. Our programs help you manage your time, track your progress, and make realistic goals. In fact, our programs are built by a Senior Project Manager! Talk about strategy!

You restrict yourself too much. Look any progress is progress. If we set yourself up with unrealistic expectations we are likely to fail. We build healthy and sustainable habits into our program.

You make it unenjoyable. We know change is hard, but it doesn't have to be miserable. This starts with your mind and continues with creating a new lifestyle you enjoy. Healthy food is tasty and it makes you feel good. So does exercise!

You expect a quick fix. We help you build a lifestyle because quick fixes do not last.

You don't take action. We have all done it! Talked about our dreams and aspirations! Nothing will happen until we take that first step and continue with feasible and measurable goals.


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21 Days of Fitmas! Just $37!

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Let's do this! End this year right and pave the way for 2021!

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21 Days of Fitmas! Just $37! 

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