The Atomic Strong curriculum is based around good nutritional habits. Atomic Fuel is not a phase, it is the overarching Nutritional Guidelines you must follow in order to reach your fitness goals. We focus on setting goals, identifying bad habits, establishing new habits, reestablishing good “nutrition habits” to create a lifestyle that is conducive for health, fitness and enjoyment.


The first phase is the Atomic Adaptation phase (AA) followed by the Atomic Energy phase (AE), Atomic Strength phase (AMxS), and finally the Conversion to Atomic Fit (AF) to certify you ATOMIC STRONG.


Atomic Adaptation phase (AA)

We start the process off by educating you on what good nutrition looks like and going through a series of assessments testing your Mobility, Stability, Core, Self Defense, General Strength, Aerobic Capacity.


This phase will shift your mindset realigning you with your mind body connection.


Each Cadet must complete a reassessment to move to the next level.

Atomic Energy phase (AE)

We really start appeasing your Appetite for Reconstruction.


“Atomic Energy”, is devoted to developing a higher level of cardiovascular efficiency as well as the continuation of weight loss, core strength, muscle balance and injury prevention.


This phase will shift your body into maximum overdrive to conquer the hard work ahead.  The better your overall Cardiovascular fitness is the more prepared you are in everything you do.

Each Cadet must complete a reassessment to move to the next level.

Atomic Strength phase (AMxS)

This is where start to build some serious horse power. AMxS is devoted to increasing your overall strength and power.


You will be staring into the eyes of your inner warrior by pushing yourself to the maximum.


This is an integral phase of self-exploration into your mind, body, and soul challenging you to reach beyond your limits.


Welcome to the jungle, Warriors!

Each Cadet must complete a reassessment to move to the next level.

Atomic Fit

When we test your Atomic Power (AP), Atomic Power Endurance (APE), or Atomic Muscular Endurance (AME).


This is a serious display of high voltage. At this stage you are the version of you that YOU signed up to be.


You meet all prerequisites of movement, strength and conditioning, and are now moving on to a series of tests to figure out what’s next.


This is a test of everything you have learned so far in the program.

Once you pass all levels and collect all the bands you get a Certificate that certifies you “Atomic Strong”.


 Atomic Strong is your new baseline. From here you will continue to pursue any new goals you have set and/or fill any gaps you may find. This is where you really get to express yourself as a Modern Warrior. Not to mention you get to come to our anything goes classes. You’re a fitness freak, Fitness freaky!

Think of us like the most awesome exercise program that you have always wanted.



Dream. Challenge.Commit. Succeed.


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