Atomic Strong is a small facility yielding BIG results!


Our classes are small- structured to give you the best results possible in a group setting at an affordable price!

Our little facility is not chalked with frills. It's a place people come to work hard and feel better.


If you are dedicated and give our programming 100% you will get 100% of the results you are after!


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Jeremiah Hammon, CPPS

My Journey started two decades ago when I was a passenger in a major car accident. The driver was intoxicated, and hit a parked car doing 75 MPH. The parked car landed on my lap breaking my right hip, pelvis (in ten places), ribs, head, and of all things, MY BIG TOE!

The rehabilitation process was brutal. I was sent to a convalescent center for 3 months so I could be under close watch due to my injuries. I met other people there who were also my age. One of them was hit by a car and knocked into an electric fence; the other was a young lady whose horse was spooked and smashed her.

This is where I started realizing the importance of life. The place was filled with pain and heartache. I wanted to help everyone heal, while healing myself.


That bit took a little longer than I would have liked, but it leads us to the part of the story full of self-exploration. I trained my ass off! AKA my destiny- defined as, a shit ton of drive and determination! I was ready to make some serious changes in my life.

I realized that in order to conquer the world, I must first conquer myself (Cue the Rocky montage and song).


I started down the path that led me to become a Physical Preparation Specialist, Nutrition Coach as well as leader in the Aerospace industry (why not add that, it’s a huge accomplishment).


I have spent the last decade training with some of the highest caliber coaches and martial artists in the world. I am now 99% recovered and living an Atomic Strong life.

All of this to connect my mind, body and soul to be the best leader I can be.


My long-term goal is to become one of the most knowledgeable trainers in the industry. I do something every day to accomplish this. I want to make the world a better place; helping people reach their full potential by leading them down their own path of self-discovery.


This is my purpose.


Create a place of positivity and growth.

Create a community of strength and knowledge.

Create a community of love and hope.


There are no limits, there are no plateaus. There is no end to what we can accomplish if we work hard and stay focused.


My certifications include: Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS), Certified Bioforce Conditioning Coach, Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, Affiliate instructor with the World Thai Boxing association, PMP, and master guitar slayer/singer songwriter.


It is my job to assess your current condition, create obtainable goals, build a program, sing you a song and together we will reach the goals you have set.


Brooke Braga

My interest in fitness began at a young age with my love of movement.


The first form came through dance, which continues to be a passion to this day. As a teenager I became oddly interested and involved with yoga and nutrition.


My cooking nutritious cooking skills starting as a raw food’s chef. I learned through working with others, reading, and trying to cure my own ailments.


Later, as an adult I continued my yoga practice along with becoming certified in a form of movement called NIA combining aikido, tai chi and dance.


The next movement love, pole fitness. In 2017 I earned my X Pole level 1 certification. All the while searching and finding things, I love but not the ultimate package of physical activity to build strength, condition my heart, improve mobility which would lead to the healthiest I can be.


That brings me to the present day. Working under Jeremiah within the ASA curriculum is that perfect package. I am also able to use my thirteen years of experience as a LMT within a sports medicine, rehabilitative and injury specific setting.


I have learned invaluable knowledge involving recognizing and repairing dysfunction, preventing injuries, anatomy and body mechanics. My specialties involve kettle bells, mobility, movement patterns, and rehabilitation.




The CPPS certification was created by Joe Defranco (Defranco’s Gym) and Jim "Smitty" Smith
(Diesel Strength). They created this course combining over 40 years of training experience 
to develop world-class fitness professionals through a unique and interactive environment 
of learning and coaching.

"The CPPS certification is the gold standard for strength coaches, personal trainers, athletic 
performance coaches,physical therapists, fitness enthusiasts, and those who want to a 
deeper knowledge and education in the strength & conditioning field."

-CPPS About


Training to become a CBCC was a pivotal point in my training professional career. 
I learned the training principles, methods, and philosophy that Joel Jamison developed 
and has used to help develop world champions and top athletes from a range of sports. 


Joel Jamison is widely considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on strength 
and conditioning for combat sports, He has worked with and consulted extensively for 
teams and organizations ranging from Navy SEALS to Life Time Fitness and his BioForce 
HRV system is used by teams in the NFL, NBA, MLS, NCAA and more. His mission is to 
deliver the truth about training and athletic development with honesty, integrity, and real 
science rather than marketing hype and baseless claims.



Muay Thai in a fun, safe, and ego-free atmosphere! Learn techniques such as; kicks, knees, elbows, punches, and clinch work.


The ASA Muay Thai curriculum is developed by The World Thai Boxing Association (WTBA) which is the oldest and largest Muay Thai organization of its kind in the world and was founded in 1968 by Ajarn Surachai “Chai” Sirisute. (Ajarn is Thai for master instructor


This is the system the pros turn to. 20+ years working with everyone from Olympic gold medalists, to NFL, NBA, UFC, and NHL athletes, to recreational exercisers, companies like Apple and Nike.

Developed by John Berardi, PhD, CSCS and co-written with Ryan Andrews, MS, RD, Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD, Krista Scott-Dixon, PhD, Helen Kollias, PhD, CSCS, and Camille DePutter.  -PN.COM